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Erwine Home Health and Hospice, Inc. and Erwine Private Duty Health Care, Inc. are here to serve your home care needs. If you have questions, want more information or need to get services started immediately please call us at 570-288-1013 or for non time sensitive communications you may also use the information form link below.

If you need to get services started, or have time sensitive questions, please call for immediate attention,
Call 570-288-1013

For general information not of a time sensitive nature you can also use our information request form
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Erwine Home Health and Hospice, Inc.
270 Pierce Street, Suite 101
Kingston, PA 18704
Phone: 570-288-1013
Fax: 570-283-3722

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are private homes the only place Erwine provides services?

A - No, while all of Erwine's services are available in private homes, Health Care, Hospice Care and Private Duty Care is also available in Assisted Living Facilities and Extended Care Nursing Facilities. In addition, Private Duty Services are also available in Hospitals.

Q - How do I get started?

A - Your physician may call us or you may call Erwine Health Care and ask to speak to an Intake Manager. After talking to you about your medical needs, an Erwine intake manager will take it from there. The Erwine Intake Manager will call your physician for orders and make all the arrangements for the supplies and equipment necessary to meet your needs.

Q - Who pays for home health or hospice care?

A - Medicare, Medical Assistance, HMO’s and most private insurances cover home health and hospice services. You may verify your insurance coverage with the Intake Manager or nurse upon their first visit to your home.

Q - Who do we call with questions about patient care?

A - Your concerns are our concerns, you can call us whenever you have questions about any aspect of your patient care.

Q - Who will make the arrangements to implement the physician’s orders and the patient’s needs?

A - Your nurse will take care of ordering any durable medical equipment such as a walker, cane, wheelchair, bedside commode, shower chair or other equipment that your physician may order. The nurse will also coordinate with your pharmacist any medication or medication refills. If your physician orders intravenous medication ( IV ) your nurse will arrange for delivery. In addition, your nurse will make sure that supplies needed for any wound or incision care are present in your home.

Q - How will the attending physician or physicians know how the patient is doing?

A - A regular progress report will be sent by the nurse to all attending physicians. Our goal is always to work as a team to provide the best possible health care.


If you have other questions we urge you to contact us, we welcome your inquiries.

Phone: 570-288-1013

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